Clean air for everyone, everywhere

Expertise and innovative technologies for better air quality

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Airscan brings together the expertise and unique technologies to improve air quality in our society

Our team is targeting air quality improvements in buildings and cities. Airscan offers complete solutions for health and safety working zone guarantee, air pollution prevention and green building certifications.

Air quality diagnosis

Diagnose air quality in buildings, cities and industrial zones.

Pollution assessment

Detect, quantify and qualify air pollution-causing emissions


Comply with the latest health & safety regulations

Technologies for indoor air quality assessment

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Airscan indoor measurement solutions were developed for indoor air quality diagnosis, real-time air quality monitoring, air quality forecast and communication through innovative solutions and technologies. The solution can be adapted to any type of indoor and semi indoor facilities.




Technologies for smart cities

Air quality measurements for cities and industrial areas

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Airscan offers IoT enabled stations for continuous monitoring of outdoor air conditions in real-time. Our solution can be used for data collection, pollution prevention and communication with citizens. A combination of Airscan expertise and the built-in artificial intelligence allows to point pollution sources and take necessary actions.

Smart Cities

Industrial Zones

Highways and Tunnels

Airscan Certification

Airscan Credibility:

The Airscan team continuously seeking service improvement to fully comply with global institutional health & safety standards, ventilation requirements and building certification audit.

Health & Safety

Ventilation Certification

Building Certification