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Smart data control

Alert Notifications – APIs – User Interface – Reporting – Thresholds – Data access – Data base – Air Quality Index.

Nemocloud is a constructive, user-friendly web interface that links end-users and air quality monitoring data. The application design allows following real-time air quality conditions, receiving alarm notifications and analysing air quality history.



Explore changes in air quality comparing real-time air quality information with the history of the pollution level evolution.


Receive a notification alert when the concentration of any pollutant monitored exceeds the maximum recommended limit


Generate your own technical report to summarise air quality conditions for a specific period of time


Adjust the concentrations’ limits based on your needs

Data visualisation

Switch between a table and graphical mode to have the best data interpretation.

Extract data

Download recorded datasets for educational/scientific purposes


Adjust location of your own stations for better visualisation


Open APIs developed by professional teams can be used for the system integration into external applications


Create users and share information with your family, colleagues and visitors

Air quality index

Air quality index for fast and simple air quality evaluation

Easy access

Fast and easy access through unique QR code


Access your data anywhere and through different devices.

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