Air quality diagnosis devices

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Indoor air quality diagnosing loggers

Formaldehyde (HCOH) – Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – Volatile Orgnaic Compounds (VOCs) – Particulate Matter (PM2.5/10/1) – Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) & Oxide (NO) – Ozone (O3) – Carbon Monoxide (CO) – Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) – Chloramine (ClH2N) – Hydrogen Sylfide (H2S) – Amonia (NH3) – Radon (Rn) – Noice – Temperature – Humidity – Pressure.

Airscan diagnosis devices were developed for a professional inspection of indoor air quality conditions. The device is capable of measuring the most common indoor air pollutants, especially focusing on toxic pollutants like formaldehyde. In combination with IoT sensors, artificial intelligence allows data collection, generate technical reports, and develop visual infographics. Diagnosis devices are designed for indoor air quality inspections and can be used for ASHRAE, WELL, BREEAM and Leed certification processes


Plug and Play

Airscan devices are ready for use from the box, just plug it and start measuring the air quality

Customized solution

Select sensors, communication protocol and measurement frequency.

Artificial Intelligence

Build-in artificial intelligence generates ready to use and reliable datasets

Internal storage

The device can store up to 10000 single measurements on the internal memory


Up to 20 measurement days without extra charging


Up to date sensors with the maximum accuracy.

Cloud Calibration

The devices are automatically calibrated through the cloud system

Maintenance services

Field support in calibration and operation