Permanent monitoring solutions

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Permanent air quality monitoring in buildings

Formaldehyde (HCOH) – Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – Volatile Orgnaic Compounds (VOCs) – Particulate Matter (PM2.5/10/1) – Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) & Oxide (NO) – Ozone (O3) – Carbon Monoxide (CO) – Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) – Chloramine (ClH2N) – Hydrogen Sylfide (H2S) – Amonia (NH3) – Radon (Rn) – Noice – Temperature – Humidity – Pressure.

Airscan permanent monitoring sensors provide detailed real-time air quality measurements to help identify pollution hotspots inside buildings followed by alert notification to all users. Extensive networks can be easily deployed through entire establishments to aid in smarter and safer living environments. In addition, Airscan IoT and modelling tools can forecast air quality for the coming day and therefore optimise ventilation performance. Our devices can be configured to your specific use case, including sensors selection, communication protocol and measurement frequency.


Plug and Play

Airscan devices are ready for use from the box, just plug it and start measuring the air quality

Customized solution

Select sensors, communication protocol and measurement frequency.

Artificial Intelligence

Build-in artificial intelligence generates ready to use and reliable datasets

Remote data access

Access your data anytime and everywhere

Internal storage

The device can store up to 10000 single measurements on the internal memory


Up to date sensors with the maximum accuracy.

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