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Airscan dynamic air quality simulations

The best building performance from the design step to the operating phase

Airscan dynamic air quality simulations software include solution packages for the indoor air quality assessment of a building in design or in renovation phase based on materials, ventilation system and outdoor air quality as well as to find a right balance between air quality and energy demand based on the performance of air quality forecasting algorithms in the operation phase.

Air quality simulation at design phase

Our solution helps to identify the right building materials, ventilation system to be used and find the best compromise between air quality, energy performance and cost to secure IAQ objectives (compliance with regulatory thresholds or labelling and certification requirements) from the design phase of the project.

Smart building management system

A combination of artificial intelligence algorithms and data from air quality monitoring devices is served to forecast air quality in any type of buildings. A unique air quality forecasting platform can evaluate indoor air quality for the next 8 hours, increase efficiency of ventilation systems and send notification alerts to building operators.

Proactive air quality control

Airscan software solutions allow reacting to changes in air quality, make the necessary decisions, perform HVAC maintenance in a timely manner and thereby optimize the operation of an entire building with the best health - comfort and energy balance.