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a CO2logic spin-off

Our Story

AIRSCAN was founded in 2018 by CO2logic, an expert & pioneer in environmental & climate advisory services. Since 2006, CO2logic has been assisting private and public organizations in calculating, reducing and compensating their ecological footprint and fight climate changes. AIRSCAN & CO2logic intend to develop the same high-quality service and customer satisfaction for indoor and outdoor air quality matters.

Our Mission

Airscan aims to improve the health, well-being & performance of society. Our team creates a healthy environment by raising awareness about the importance of air quality & propose concrete actions, expertise & technology to achieve it. The Airscan team follows the philosophy of business at the service of people & planet & not the other way around.

Our Core Values


AIRSCAN continuously seeks for innovative technology to measure and improve air quality by leveraging IoT, mobile technology, predictive analytics and cloud technologies. We believe that these Innovative technologies only bring their full added value if they are combined with in-depth expertise and continuous learning about air quality.

Social Projects

Giving back to society and nature is a core value of AIRSCAN since day 1. This includes making technology, expertise, data and in some case also funding available to e.g. citizen science projects, schools and nurseries.


At AIRSCAN we believe that strong partnerships are key elements to realise our mission and grow our impact as a company. This includes a tight, open and long term collaboration with suppliers, customers, research & public institutions and our sister companies