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Smart city projects

Plan Climate & Air

Airscan, together with her sister company CO2logic offers a complete solution for climate and air quality improvement in cities and separate municipalities. The approach is developed on the combination of expertise and data from indoor and outdoor air quality measurement stations.

Air Quality in Cities

Today citizens are more and more concerned about the air quality in cities. Unfortunately, big urbanisations do not have the resources to install sufficient air quality measurement stations. Therefore, outdoor Airscan devices can be used as an effective complement to the reference stations network. Moreover, our team, together with partners, developed a unique design for visualising air quality data on cities' advertising banners.

Emissions control

The combination of indoor and outdoor measurement devices allows developing a comprehensive air quality monitoring network for emissions minimalization from industrial areas, underground parking garages, construction sites, wastewater treatment facilities and incineration plants and as a result improve air quality in cities

Reference cases

Commune de Jette