Purification Solutions

Minimize risks of indoor air pollution in your building

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Air purification units

Minimize indoor air pollution with plug and play technologies

Airscan offers plug and play air purification solutions developed for indoor environments. The solution is offered by Belgium Finish company Genano. The purification units eliminate the presence of volatile organic compounds, dust particles, undesirable smells, minimize risks of airborne disease spread and comply with the latest Belgium legislation.

Electrostatic precipitator

Electrostatic precipitator for dust and microorganism removal

Sorbent material

Activated carbon for VOCs and undesirable smells elimination

Ozone free

No ozone generation during the electrostatic precipitation process

Plug and Play

The machines are ready to use straight from the box

Ventilation rate

Different purification regimes (Qmax = 85 L/s)

Automatic washing system

Long term performance without maintenance

No disturbances

Maintain apropriate sound level

Financial options

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Plug and Play ventilation systems

Upgrade your building with our solution

Saneair is a room-specific ventilation unit with heat recovery that efficiently substitute large scale ventilation systems. It is easy to install in a ventilation window or hatch in an office, public buildings, commercial facilities or private apartments. The machine is quiet, allergy-friendly and consumes only little electricity.

Carbon dioxide control

Efficient ventilation solution with low installation cost

HEPA filters

HEPA filters for particulate matter capturing

Plug and Play

The ventilation system is ready to use straight from the box and easy to install

Heat Exchanger

Minimum energy losses with efficient heat recovery

No disturbances

Maintain apropriate sound level

Ventilation rate

Different ventilation regimes Qmax = 80 (L/s)

Financial options

Buy, Lease and Rental formulas